Orca Whale


Donald Trump’s Campaign of Violence Against Children

Immigration violence,

Gun violence allowed to continue, and

Environmental violence

…are all part of Trump’s active agenda, and it is an agenda that is resulting in unspeakable, indefensible and enduring violence against children.

Donald Trump’s immigration policy is ripping crying and distraught children from the loving arms of their families and locking them up in windowless detention centers with no love and a fear of what will be their fate at the hands of the strangers around them. As a result America is devastating the physical and emotional health, safety and lives of these children both today and throughout their lives. The impact is so harmful that medical professionals characterize the actions as child abuse.

Donald Trump is opposing meaningful regulation of guns and assault weapons. As a result, children continue to be shot down in their schools and communities, the places where they should be safe but are not because of the easy access to high powered guns in this country. When the victims of Parkland or Sandy Hook speak up, they are labeled radical and are targeted by the opposition for public ridicule and attack.

Donald Trump is rolling back, removing, and preventing environmental protections. The direct result is continuing and increasing toxins, carcinogens, lead and life devastating pollution in the water, the air, the food, the schools, and the communities of children. For children throughout the nation this means that when they get a glass of water from their home faucet, when they take a breath of air while playing on their school sportsfield, as they join with friends at the community playground, when they eat dinner with their families ….. their bodies are being poisoned with dangerous toxins that is causing cancer, causing asthma and life threatening attacks, inducing ADHD, creating learning disabilities, and setting them up for devastating illness such as heart disease, cancer, alzheimers and more as they grow to be adults.

Sadly, it is not just Donald Trump. Complicit and equally responsible are those in Congress, and Trump’s personal and professional circles who are actively supporting these actions or are acquiescing with their silence.

I’m a mother. I’m a person. I’m an American. And I care deeply about what this country is allowing Donald Trump to do to children. I know many of you join me in the sense of outrage, deep sadness, helplessness, and anger I feel.

It is time to rise up … rise up as a nation … and to defend children against this campaign of violence. Each of us will be active in different ways — some through donations to organizations doing the good work of taking on these big challenges, some of us writing letters and making phone calls to our elected leaders, some of us joining in active protest. Whatever way is the right way for you, ….

→ We all need to stop Donald Trump’s policy of ripping children away from their parents.

→ We all need to demand the passage of gun control legislation.

→ We all need to demand more environmental protections, not less, including the passage of constitutional amendments that will recognize the rights of all children, all people, to clean water, clean air and healthy environments.